By James Calemine

Based on the James Lee Burke novel, In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead, this film tells the tale of Detective Dave Robicheaux entering into the world of New Orleans mobsters. The recovering alcoholic detective (Tommy Lee Jones) discovers dark secrets with lethal implications near New Iberia.

Anything with Tommy Lee Jones is worth watching. The visual backdrop of cypress trees, moss and remote swamp areas render this film invaluable, but the storytelling resonates because anyone can identify with the characters. An undercurrent of ghosts, sins of the past and a 40-year murder linger in the storyline. It’s a good southern story…dark legacies emerge in present-day time with a fine soundtrack as well.

Louisiana native John Goodman portrays a director returning to his old stomping grounds to film a movie. John Sayles makes an appearance in this film as does Buddy Guy, Ned Beatty and Levon Helm. There’s no wasted lines in this film. Burke’s economical dialogue forces the viewer to care how the story ends. I’m not revealing any outcomes…go buy it. You won’t be disappointed…