Pura Fe is her birth name. In Spanish it translates, “Pure Faith”. Born in 1959, Pura Fe was named by her Puerto Rican father, and raised by her Tuscarora mother in a family of female singers. “We can count four generations of seven singing sisters in a row, through our maternal line. Our voice stems out of North Carolina, the ancestral homeland of the Tuscarora Nation.”

Pura Fe founded Ulali, a premiere Native singing and drum group over twenty years ago. Ulali’s music has appeared in MIRAMAX’s Smoke Signal, The TURNER documentary The Native Americans, and Robbie Robertson & the Red Road Ensemble. She continues spreading the indigenous musical influence of Native Americans across the country.

Follow Your Heart’s Desire features Cool John Ferguson—the Music Maker guitar wizard, legendary guitarist Willie Lowry, and the Deer Clan singers who originate from the Tuscarora community. These songs blend various musical influences from Ferguson’s blues-laced licks to tribal harmonies of the Deer Clan. Pura Fe opened for Neil Young, and she continues to gain exposure through the great organization of Music Maker Foundation.