By James Calemine

Texas born, Tift Merritt relocated to North Carolina years ago. See You On the Moon counts as her 5th studio release. Tift Merritt always constructed finely crafted songs. Her songwriting remains the backbone of her career. Her previous album, Another Country, caught the attention of Rick Rubin among many other heavies in the music world.

Jim James of My My Morning Jacket contributes to the harmonies on “Feel of the World”, Emitt Rhodes’ “Love Till You Die’” and a Kenny Loggins composition “Danny Song”. “Mix Tapes” indicates See You On The Moon will transfer well to a live audience.

“The Things That Everybody Does” echoes distant tunes of Joni Mitchell. This piano ballad evokes vivid images that paints nebulous enemies of any relationship. “Feel The Word”, a piano driven tune contains a  subterranean sound. Merritt’s voice retains a soulful quality with precise command over her amazing vocal chords.

“We Don’t Have to Fight” seems like letter of change on a relationship bound to fade. The title track demonstrates Merritt’s close-to-the bone word grams in song. The title track counts as another quiet song…as if cool April breeze were blowing through white bedroom shades. “Danny’s Song” spins a yarn your grandmother may have sang around the stove in the Ozark Mountains. See You On the Moon only continues Merritt’s prodigious songwriting trait. If you like low-key, dim-lit music–you’ll enjoy this album. “After Today” ends the record and upholds the low-lidded calming continuity on See You On The Moon. Merritt never disappoints.

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