By James Calemine

Cheyenne Marie Mize is a Louisville, Kentucky, native. She served as a member of the groups Arnett Hollow and Maiden Radio a few years ago. She writes songs, sings, plays guitar and mandolin. Her debut album, Before Lately, was released in 2010. Mize has collaborated with Will Oldham (Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy) on a collection titled Among the Gold. Her EP–We Don’t Need–contains six variegated-sounding songs that capture her wide-ranging musical talents.

The percussive “Wishing Well” opens this collection and showcases Mize’s golden voice. The power and depth of her vocal chords evoke an emotive feeling. Each composition contains a different style and sound. “Call Me Beautiful” stands as a murky, subterranean dirge that warns not to be deceived by appearances. Lush instrumentation gives this song a dreamy-ramshackle quality.

“Going Under” emerges as a piano driven soul song that really should be played on every stereo system…this is a mighty fine tune that even Aretha Franklin might want to sing on. Mize’s voice on this song demonstrates her undeniable songwriting and singing talent.

“Keep It” emits a gritty-pop element that college radio listeners crave. “It Lingers”, a guitar-laced ditty, appears as another diamond on this collection. Mize’s words and vocals contain a timeless echo on an emotional level when she sings: “One more day and I’m farther away/Keep moving forward/We’re spinning in circles anyway/Oh, let it go.” Cheyenne Mize brings the spook on this one.

The final cut on We Don’t Need is a moody instrumental titled “Back Around”. If We Don’t Need is any indication of what Cheyenne Mize has in store as far as songwriting goes, I look forward to hearing what’s next…

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